American Series
  Germany Series
  Axle tube
Landing Gear
  28000 Series
  27000 Series
  22000 Series
  37 Series
Mechanical Suspension
  American Type
  Germany Type
  Casting Steel Type
  High Mounting Spider Type
  High Mounting Hub Type
  Low Mounting Spider Type
  Low Mounting Hub Type
Leaf Spring
  Leaf Spring
  Leaf Spring for Bogie
Fifth Wheel
  Fabricated Type
  Casting Type
King Pin
Towing Hitch & Draw Bar Type
Twist Lock
Wheel Rim
  Tubeless Series
  Tube Series
Brake Chamber
  Single Air-chamber
  Double Air-chamber
Slack Adjuster
S-Cam Shaft
Other Parts
     28000 Series
Dimensions of connection meet TTMA.AAR specification.
Lead screw roll forming extra-duty feature,gears are high grade forging
steel for use,Static load test.Lift capacity test and drop test accord with
ABS specification.
Lead screw and nut are entirely obturated in the grease room,Screw will be
covered with new grease while it works
标准规格Standard Specifications
承载负荷 Capacity 28000kg/套 Pair
静载负荷 Ststic Load 80000kg/套 Pair
重量 Weight 98kg
拍档比例Crank Force  
低档 Low Gear 0.71mm Per Turn(mm/r)of Handle
高档 High Gear 5.40mm Per Turn(mm/r)of Handle
One Side Operation Crank Force
Two Side Operation Crank Force
标准型号Standard Models
联动支承装置型号One Side Operation Landing Gear Assy
型号 Model 支承底座型号 Types of Shoes 提升行程D(mm)Lift D(mm) 安装高度 A(mm)Height A(mm)
UT 280001A A 430 814
UT 280001G G
430 770
UT 280001R R 430 797

UT 280001S

S 430 822
UT 280001T T 430 794
UT 280002A A 480 864
UT 280002G G 480 820
UT 280002R R 480 847
UT 280002S S 480 872
UT 280002T T 480 844
单动支承装置型号Both Gear Landing Gear Assy
型号 Model 支承底座型号 Types of Shoes 提升行程D(mm)Lift D(mm) 安装高度 A(mm)Height A(mm)
UT 280011A A 430 814
UT 280011G G
430 770
UT 280011R R 430 797

UT 280011S

S 430 822
UT 280011T T 430 794
UT 280022A A 480 864
UT 280022G G 480 820
UT 280022R R 480 847
UT 280022S S 480 872
UT 280022T T 480 844

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